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Winchester Restoration
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Winchester Model 1886

In 1883, when John M. Browning partnered with the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, he designed and developed four additional lever action rifles including the Model 1886, Model 1892, Model 1894 and Model 1895.  The Model 1894 went on to become the most popular lever action rifle in history with over six million Model 1894’s made over the next 112 years!  The Model 1886 was the first Winchester lever action rifle strong enough to handle the 45-70 Government cartridge and is still considered one of the strongest lever action rifles ever designed.

Winchester Model 1876
Known as the “Centennial Rifle” the Model 1876 was the big brother to the Model
1873.  It was chambered for longer, more powerful cartridges such as .45-60 WCF, 45-75 WCF, and .50-95 WCF.  The Model 1876 action was still not strong enough to
handle the power of the 45-70 Government cartridge and Winchester would have to wait 10 years to build a rifle strong enough to handle the 45-70.  This fully restored “semi-deluxe” Model 1876 involved a full stock re-finish, checkering re-cut, complete metal polish, and period correct finishes.  Finishes include: Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening, Charcoal Bluing and Rust Bluing.

Winchester Model 1876

Winchester Model 1873
A complete restoration and upgrade to a 36” barrel make this Model 1873 a very rare configuration.  This fully restored Model 1873 is a standard third Model rifle fitted with a special order 36” barrel.  Restoration work included: new stocks, heckering, full metal polish, Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening, Charcoal Bluing and Rust Bluing.  The rifle is also fitted with a mid-range tang sight.

Winchester Model 1873

Winchester Model 1892
The Winchester Model 1892 was designed by John Browning as a smaller and lighter version of the large-frame  Model 1886.  The Model 1892 was originally chambered in the 32 WCF, 38 WCF and 44 WCF cartridges.  These calibers made the Model 1892 popular since they were also offered in the famous Colt Single Action revolver

Winchester Model 1892

From the small 22 caliber rim-fire gallery guns, to the 405 Winchester “Big Medicine”, Winchester rifles come in many different shapes and sizes.  Your Winchester may not be a rare collectible rifle, but may be a family heirloom  passed down through the generations.  Rest assured that  every rifle restoration done by Turnbull Restoration will receive the highest degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Winchester Model 1894
The Winchester 1894 is by far the most popular lever action rifle in history. The Model 1894 was in almost continuous production for 112 years until Winchester stopped production altogether in 2006.  This fully restored Model 1894 is a special order rifle fitted with double set triggers and a 30” barrel.

Winchester Model 1894

Winchester Model 1890 (Second Model)
The Winchester Model 1890 was Winchester’s first slide action repeating rifle.  The Second Model 1890 incorporated a take-down feature unlike the First Model, which was a solid frame.  Approximately 311,000 Second Model 1890 rifles were produced from 1892-1907.  This fully restored Model 1890 has a Color Case Hardened frame which was standard until 1901.

Winchester Model 1890 (Second Model)

Winchester Model 1895 Take-Down
The fully restored Model 1895 pictured above is chambered in 405 Winchester, which was the most powerful commercial rifle round in the United States when introduced.  Theodore Roosevelt used the 405 Winchester in Africa and called it “Big Medicine for large and dangerous beasts”.  This rifle was built by Winchester and then shipped to “Manton & Co.” based in Calcutta.  The rifle is fitted with a three leaf express style rear sight which was popular with big game hunters in India at the turn of the century.     

Winchester Model 1895 Take-Down


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