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470 / 475 Turnbull


470 & 475 Rifles Current Inventory


470 Turnbull Rifle Cartridge

The 470 Turnbull builds on the success of the
original 475 Turnbull, delivering modern ballistic performance for hunters and shooters using
Marlin Model 1895 rifles.

Caliber conversions can be done on
new or original rifles. 


475 Turnbull Rifle Cartridge

Doug Turnbull's new Proprietary rifle cartridge designed for vintage lever action rifles.  The 475 Turnbull delivers mo dern ballistic performance for hunters and shooters using vintage lever action rifles.

470 & 475 Turnbull Game Gallery

The New 470 & 475 Turnbull rifle cartridges are quickly becoming the favorite big game rifle round
of hunters who prefer to pursure game with a
vintage lever action rifle.

See the various game havrvested with the new
470 & 475 Turnbull rifle cartridge. 


475 Turnbull on Nosler's Magnum TV 

The new 475 Turnbull rifle cartridge can be seen in action in 2009 on Noslerís Magnum TV.  Watch Doug Turnbull pursue a North American Bison with his vintage lever action Winchester Model 1886 chambered in 475 Turnbull.

Click here for a listing of
channels and air times.



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