Turnbull Finished – Ruger Mark IV


This is the .22LR Turnbull Finished – Ruger Mark IV.  We took a standard Ruger Mark IV and gave it that Turnbull touch. We polished and case color hardened the tube and barrel, and are now releasing it for the low price of $595. The gun also comes with 2 ten round magazines.

The Ruger Mark IV is an improved version of the Ruger Mark III, that is known for its accuracy and reliability.   This is a limited run, so call while supplies last.

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NOTE RE: RUGER RECALL (June 8, 2017): Although we are taking new orders for Turnbull-finished Ruger Mark IVs, we are suspending shipment and will not begin shipping again until we receive corrected Mark IVs from Ruger. See http://zc.vg/WqmVa for our message regarding the recall, and https://ruger.com/markIVRecall/ for full details from Ruger.

Mark IV
Semi Auto